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Dokkai Assistant is a tool to help Japanese instructors create online teaching materials. The different parts of this website are listed below.
  • Automatic lookup in an online dictionary
  • Search for example sentences
  • Create a vocabulary list
Please take a look at the example teaching materials made with this website.

Reasons to Use Dokkai Assistant

You can correct any mistakes that the online dictionary makes. Try this here.

You can search, add, annd modify the database of example sentences. Try this here.

You can upload the teaching materials made here directly to you own class homepage. Read how here.

AcknowledgementThis website's dicionary lookup uses Jim Breen's JMdict/EDICT Dictionary Project. Copyright for this dictionary is held by the Electronic Dictionary Research Group at Monash University, Australia. (license) The databse of example sentences includes the 'Tanaka Corpus' which is in the public domain.